About me

My future goal is to swim with doliphins. I always wanted to swim with them. I would go to Florida to swim with dolphins and would like to hold a little monkey. I don’t know why I would just like to hold one. If I didnt have bad legs I would like to travel and see the world. The only thing that is stopping me is my bad legs if I had a wish it would be to change my legs. It would make me a happy person for me to have good legs I can’t change how they are but  I am still happy. The place I would like to travel is all of Austrilla and Florida as there is lots of stuff to do and Austrilla is set on home and away is my favourite tv show. I would like to go these places because they are hot. 

Employment blog

My employment goal is to work with disabled children.I think I would be good at this because I could engage with them as I also am disabled. I am working towards this as I come to ID trainning college to get qualifications at college we have an employment coach who I could ask to get me a work placement in a child setting or in a school.I have support from LSA’S and Kris the tutor.They support me at college to gain qualifications and life skills e.g confidence and communication. I am hoping to acheive this goal within the next couple years. I hope to get experience working with children even if it’s voluntary.One of the challenges I face is my wheelchair. If the building wasn’t accessible I wouldn’t be able to get in. Another would be if anyone had a fit or was on the floorI wouldn’t be able to help as I can’t get out my wheelchair, but I am loud so I could shout for help. I would like to keep coming to college to gain the qualifications I need so I can reach my employment goal.

The day i found out my sister was having a baby.

I can always remember when she told me she was pregnant. I can remember asking my mam to jump for me as I couldn’t. The next couple of months she was pregnant. For a couple of days she was in labour. I was at college at the time and everything happened that day. I fell down and hurt my back, arguing with my family then my next door neighbour dropped me of to the hospital and I fell out the car.Then I met my neice, she is called Leah. It was one of the worst days but also the best.On the night after I’d been to the hospital,We went to asda for some shopping.When we came back from shopping my mam told me to put the rubbish out and I fell out my front door. All the neighbours came running out to see what was happening. The next morning I went to college when I finished college, Stacey came home with Leah . We had a house full as everyone was there on the night time. When everyone went, Leah’s other family came to see her. Through the night leah was screamming none stop.so I had to go in and see to her while stacey made a bottle.Then 2009 that’s when I took bad with pancreatitis (gallstone) I missed out when leah was a baby I kept on asking if leah will remember who I am as I was in hospital.

All about the past 5 year

It been 5 years yeserday since I took bad last Thursday it was this time then that I went to taybans and was bad. It turned out I had pancredtits (gallstone)I walked into hosptail and came out in a wheelchair.I didnt understand why all this happend I was upset sa I couldn’t walk or do any of the stuff that I used to do. Basically I was like a baby again then I came home and was living like a prisnor as I couldn’t do anything for myself I had to depend on my family to do the stuff for me.

I have Walkergate park (rehab) staff to thank for as they helped me a lot such as get my right hand back to normal and helped me with slide transfer they also helped with my confidence.The only proplem I had was the housing then I had to leave Walkergate park and go in chase park Whickham villa I hated that, all I wanted was to come home. In the end my mam discharged me, it was a nightmare. My mam was getting annoyed with the housing soutions, in the end I ended up putting my name on the housing list I waited for the news. I got the bunglow next door to my nana I was proper buzzing and sad at the same time as I could no longer live with my mam and little sister. I moved into my bunglow the 1st september 2010 in the autumm time. My brother in law decorted for me.

Vikki’s life

Hello my name is Vikki. I am a wheelchair user, I have been in a wheelchair since 2009. On this blog I am going to be talking about my life and what it’s like being a wheelchair user. Every Tuesday I will be updating this blog and talking about what my life has been like for the past week and the things I have been doing.I will also be talking about my friends and family and what I have been doing with them.