All about the past 5 year

It been 5 years yeserday since I took bad last Thursday it was this time then that I went to taybans and was bad. It turned out I had pancredtits (gallstone)I walked into hosptail and came out in a wheelchair.I didnt understand why all this happend I was upset sa I couldn’t walk or do any of the stuff that I used to do. Basically I was like a baby again then I came home and was living like a prisnor as I couldn’t do anything for myself I had to depend on my family to do the stuff for me.

I have Walkergate park (rehab) staff to thank for as they helped me a lot such as get my right hand back to normal and helped me with slide transfer they also helped with my confidence.The only proplem I had was the housing then I had to leave Walkergate park and go in chase park Whickham villa I hated that, all I wanted was to come home. In the end my mam discharged me, it was a nightmare. My mam was getting annoyed with the housing soutions, in the end I ended up putting my name on the housing list I waited for the news. I got the bunglow next door to my nana I was proper buzzing and sad at the same time as I could no longer live with my mam and little sister. I moved into my bunglow the 1st september 2010 in the autumm time. My brother in law decorted for me.